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Annular orifice flowmeter
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Annular orifice flowmeter

1.Features1,measureliquidorgascontainingsolidparticles;  2,nolongstraightpipesectionisrequired,anditcanworkunderharshpipelineconditions;
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1. Features

1, measure liquid or gas containing solid particles;

2, no long straight pipe section is required, and it can work under harsh pipeline conditions;

3, suitable for the measurement of saturated steam, compressed air, coal gas, furnace exhaust gas, cooling water, condensate, and various corrosive chemical solutions and various fluid media;

4, small pressure loss, low power consumption;

5. The outflow coefficient is stable under severe conditions, with high accuracy and good reliability;

2. Main technical parameters

1. Nominal diameter: DN50~DN3000

2. Working temperature: -200℃~450℃

3, Nominal pressure: -0.1Mpa~40MPa

4, accuracy: 1.0% 1.5% 2.0%

5. Connection method: flange connection, welding connection

3. Working principle

The flow section of the standard orifice flowmeter is the circular hole in the center of the plate. When the fluid passes through the circular hole, the flow area is suddenly contracted and accelerated to measure the flow rate, while the flow section of the annular orifice flowmeter is the outer edge of the plate. The circular ring formed with the inner wall of the tube is accelerated by the sudden contraction of the flow area when the fluid passes through. When the fluid bypasses the edge of the annular orifice, the surface layer produced by the annular orifice will be cylindrical, and the principle of resistance to the fluid is similar. Therefore, the drag coefficient caused by the annular orifice flowmeter to the fluid is relatively similar, which makes it possible for the two to have similar outflow coefficients.

4. Product advantages

The ring-shaped orifice flowmeter is a throttling flow sensor developed by our company on the basis of the standard orifice plate. Because it adopts a ring-shaped channel structure, the measured various dirty media pass through the annular gap between the orifice plate and the pipe. It can be passed easily.

1. Suitable for measuring dirty media such as steam, gas and cooling water.

The special structure of the ring-shaped orifice flowmeter "circulates around the periphery and obstructs the middle" makes the impurities flow unimpeded and the condensate formed by the steam when the steam stops flowing away in time, thereby improving the reliability of the work and the measurement accuracy.

2. It is more reliable and accurate in measurement than round orifice plates and eccentric orifice plates.

Using the annular orifice plate to measure the fluid flow, it is not easy to block the pressure tapping hole. Because of the simple geometric shape, it can be precisely processed and assembled, and it is easy to improve the measurement accuracy.

3. Using the equalizing ring structure to reduce the source of measurement error.

4. Using a differential pressure transmitter with a remote diaphragm, it can measure the flow of dirty media such as residual oil, heavy oil, etc.

5. Suitable for flow measurement of high temperature and high pressure fluid.

When the annular orifice flowmeter measures high-temperature fluids, the periphery of the flow-measuring plate is in a free state, and the temperature expansion only changes the shape and size, does not change the sharpness and shape of the edge, so it does not change the outflow coefficient and does not affect the measurement accuracy; when measuring high-pressure fluids, due to The flow measuring plate is inside the pipeline and has nothing to do with the level of static pressure, which reduces the processing cost.

Annular orifice flowmeter
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