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Standard Orifice Flowmeter
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Standard Orifice Flowmeter

Thestandardorificeflowmeterisadifferentialpressuregeneratingdeviceformeasuringflow.Itcanbeusedwithvariousdifferentialpressuremetersordifferentialpressuretransmitterstomeasuretheflowofvariousfluidsinthepipeline.Standardorificeflowmeterthrottlingdeviceincludesstandardannulusorifice,nozzle,etc.Theorificeflowmeterthrottlingdeviceisusedinconjunctionwithadifferentialpressuretransmittertomeasuretheflowofliquid,steam,andgas.Thestandardorificeflowmeterisusedinpetroleum,chemical,metallurgy,electricpower,lightindustryandotherdepartments.  Thefluidfilledwiththepipeline,whentheyflowthroughthethrottlingdeviceinthepipeline,thestreamwillformalocalcontractionatthethrottlingpartofthethrottlingdevice,sothattheflowvelocitywillincreaseandthestaticpressurewillbelow.Thepressuredrop,thatis,thepressuredifference,thegreatertheflowofthemedium,thegreaterthepressuredifferencegeneratedbeforeandafterthethrottle,sotheorificeflowmetercanmeasurethesizeofthefluidflowbymeasuringthepressuredifference.Thismeasurementmethodisbasedonthelawofconservationofenergyandthelawofcontinuityofflow.  Theintelligentthrottlingdevice(orificeflowmeter)isanewgenerationflowmeterthatintegratesflow,temperature,andpressuredetectionfunctions,andcanautomaticallycompensatefortemperatureandpressure.Theorificeflowmeteradoptsmicrocomputertechnologyandmicropowerconsumptiontechnology.Strongfunction,compactstructure,simpleoperationandconvenientuse.  ▲Thestructureoftheorificeflowmeterthrottlingdeviceiseasytoreplicate,simple,firm,stableandreliableinperformance,longinservicelife,andlowinprice.  ▲Theorificeflowmeterhasawiderangeofapplications,single-phaseflowcanbemeasured,andpartofmixed-phaseflowcanalsobeused.  ▲Thestandardthrottlingdevicecanbeputintousewithoutrealflowcalibration.  ▲Theintegratedorificeflowmeteriseasytoinstall,withoutapressuretube,andcanbedirectlyconnectedtoadifferentialpressuretransmitterandapressuretransmitter.  FeaturesofIntelligentOrificeFlowmeter  ▲Usingcrystallinesiliconsmartdifferentialpressuresensor  ▲Precision,perfectself-diagnosisfunction  ▲IntelligentOrificeFlowmeterTherangeofintelligentorificeflowmetercanbeadjustedbyself-programming.  ▲Intelligentorificeflowmetercandisplaycumulativeflow,instantaneousflow,pressure,andtemperatureatthesametime.  ▲Inadditiontotheonlineanddynamicfullcompensationfunction,theintelligentorificeflowmeteralsohasself-diagnosisandself-setrange.  ▲Equippedwithavarietyofcommunicationinterfaces  ▲Highstability  ▲Widemeasuringrange:10:1  Technicalindexofintelligentorificeflowmeter  ▲Accuracy:±0.075%  ▲Stability:betterthan0.1%FS/year  ▲Staticpressure:40MPa  ▲Noadjustmentrequiredafter5yearsofcontinuouswork  ▲Theinfluenceoftemperatureandstaticpressurecanbeignored  ▲Resistancetohighoverpressure
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The standard orifice flowmeter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring flow. It can be used with various differential pressure meters or differential pressure transmitters to measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline. Standard orifice flow meter throttling device includes standard annulus orifice, nozzle, etc. The orifice flow meter throttling device is used in conjunction with a differential pressure transmitter to measure the flow of liquid, steam, and gas. The standard orifice flow meter is used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and other departments.

The fluid filled with the pipeline, when they flow through the throttling device in the pipeline, the stream will form a local contraction at the throttling part of the throttling device, so that the flow velocity will increase and the static pressure will be low. The pressure drop, that is, the pressure difference, the greater the flow of the medium, the greater the pressure difference generated before and after the throttle, so the orifice flowmeter can measure the size of the fluid flow by measuring the pressure difference. This measurement method is based on the law of conservation of energy and the law of continuity of flow.

The intelligent throttling device (orifice flowmeter) is a new generation flowmeter that integrates flow, temperature, and pressure detection functions, and can automatically compensate for temperature and pressure. The orifice flowmeter adopts microcomputer technology and micro power consumption technology. Strong function, compact structure, simple operation and convenient use.

▲The structure of the orifice flow meter throttling device is easy to replicate, simple, firm, stable and reliable in performance, long in service life, and low in price.

▲The orifice flowmeter has a wide range of applications, single-phase flow can be measured, and part of mixed-phase flow can also be used.

▲The standard throttling device can be put into use without real flow calibration.

▲The integrated orifice flowmeter is easy to install, without a pressure tube, and can be directly connected to a differential pressure transmitter and a pressure transmitter.

Features of Intelligent Orifice Flowmeter

▲Using crystalline silicon smart differential pressure sensor

▲Precision, perfect self-diagnosis function

▲Intelligent Orifice Flowmeter The range of intelligent orifice flowmeter can be adjusted by self-programming.

▲Intelligent orifice flowmeter can display cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, and temperature at the same time.

▲In addition to the online and dynamic full compensation function, the intelligent orifice flowmeter also has self-diagnosis and self-set range.

▲Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces

▲High stability

▲Wide measuring range: 10:1

Technical index of intelligent orifice flowmeter

▲Accuracy: ±0.075%

▲Stability: better than 0.1%FS/year

▲Static pressure: 40MPa

▲No adjustment required after 5 years of continuous work

▲The influence of temperature and static pressure can be ignored

▲Resistance to high overpressure

Standard Orifice Flowmeter
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