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Plug-in vortex flowmeter
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Plug-in vortex flowmeter

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Model: HLUGB

1. Product introduction: The plug-in vortex flow sensor is suitable for the measurement of superheated steam, saturated steam, general gas, liquid, etc. above the DN200 pipeline. It can be displayed on site or transmitted remotely. It is easy to install and inexpensive. The accuracy is: ±1.5% , ±2.5%.

Detailed introduction:

Second, working principle:

The H LUGB plug-in vortex flow sensor adopts a small-caliber vortex flow sensor. The relationship between the flow velocity of the point and the average flow velocity and the principle of fluid continuity obtain the flow rate of the fluid in the entire pipeline.

The vortex street measuring head (that is, the small-caliber vortex flow sensor) is developed using the principle of "Kamen vortex street". In the body of the vortex street measuring head, a triangular column is inserted vertically, that is, the vortex generator. When the medium flows, regular Karman vortex streets are alternately generated on both sides of the triangular column in opposite directions. The signal frequency of the vortex is made of a piezoelectric element to make the detection head, and the separation frequency of one side of the vortex and the flow speed of the medium are detected. Proportional, see formula (1)

F=V*St/1-1.27d/D (1)

In the formula: f---------the vortex separation frequency on one side of the triangular column, (Hz);

St--------Stroha series constant;

V-------- Average velocity in the pipeline, (m/s);

D-------- characteristic width of triangular column, (m);

D--------Inner diameter of measuring head, (m).

Through a large number of experimental tests, determine the meter coefficient K of the vortex street measuring head. The formula is as follows:

K0=f/V point (2)

In the formula: K0-------measuring head meter coefficient, (1/m);

V point-the velocity at the point where the measuring head is located, (m/s).

According to the relationship between the flow velocity V and the flow in the pipeline, the meter coefficient KT (1/m3) of the plug-in vortex flow sensor under different pipelines can be determined, so as to determine the average flow velocity and volume flow in the pipeline.

The plug-in vortex flowmeter has the following characteristics:

1. It can measure the volume flow and mass flow of steam, gas and liquid;

2. No mechanical moving parts, high measurement accuracy, compact structure and easy maintenance;

3. The pressure loss is small, and the measuring range is wide; the range is up to 1:25;

4. The use of interference cancellation circuit and anti-vibration sensor head;

5. The noise canceling circuit and anti-vibration sensor head are adopted to make the instrument have certain anti-environmental vibration performance;

6. The measurable medium temperature reaches +350℃.

7. It can realize the continuous flow of disassembly and assembly of the sensor, and can realize the separation of the amplifier and the sensor (separation distance 15m);

8. SSP adaptive spectrum wave technology, small vortex collection, modular design to ensure high reliability and consistency of the product

9. Built-in perfect anti-interference multi-level protection circuit, effectively eliminating vibration interference, temperature and pressure detection and compensation unit

10. Both two-wire current and three-wire pulse output functions, with HART function, remote parameter setting and debugging

Plug-in vortex flowmeter
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