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Kaifeng Henghe Flow Meter Co., Ltd.  is an emerging enterprise specializing in industrial process automation control and the research, development, production and service of intelligent meters. The company is located in Kaifeng, an ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties. Kaifeng Instrument Industry was founded in 1958. The National Water Flow Metering Station and the Flow Meter Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Machinery Industry are located here. There are a large number of senior flow meter production and R&D engineering and technical personnel.


The company has strong technical force and has passed ISO90001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and various flowmeter production licenses. The main products are: electromagnetic flowmeter series (high pressure type, submersible type, sanitary type, plug-in type, etc.), vortex flowmeter series, turbine, differential pressure flowmeter series (standard orifice, standard nozzle, V cone, wedge, etc.) Annular orifice plate, balance orifice plate, venturi tube) and large, medium and small liquid flow calibration device. The company has built four sets of water flow standard devices DN15-DN50, DN65-DN300, DN350-DN700, and DN800-DN2000. The accuracy of the standard meters on the devices are all 0.2 level. The company’s product specifications are complete and can meet liquid, gas, steam, etc. For flow measurement of multiple media, each flowmeter is qualified for the actual flow calibration before leaving the factory. The factory has an automatic control system engineering department, which undertakes complete sets of automatic control projects. Products are widely used in nuclear power, chemical, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, coal, sewage treatment, animal husbandry, urban water supply, agricultural irrigation, heating, metallurgical coking, machinery, papermaking, medicine, food processing and other industries. And exported to most countries.


Based on the tenet of "Today's Quality, Tomorrow's Market", we attach importance to product quality and provide users with high-quality commissioning guidance, technical training, product maintenance, re-schooling and spare parts supply in a timely manner. Kaifeng Yokogawa Instruments is willing to make progress hand in hand with the majority of users in flow meters to create brilliance together.

Company Profile


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