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Split electromagnetic flowmeter
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Split electromagnetic flowmeter

ProductName:SplitElectromagneticFlowmeter Model:HHLD Productintroduction:HHLDelectromagneticflowmeterisaninductionmeterthatmeasuresthevolumeflowofconductivemediuminthetubeaccordingtoFaraday'slawofelectromagneticinduction.Itadoptssingle
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Product Name: Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Model: HHLD
Product introduction: HHLD electromagnetic flowmeter is an induction meter that measures the volume flow of conductive medium in the tube according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It adopts single-chip embedded technology to realize digital excitation. HHLD electromagnetic flowmeter can output 4-20mA current signal for recording, adjustment and control while meeting on-site display. It has been used in chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, medicine, papermaking, water supply and drainage and other industrial technologies and management doors.
Detailed introduction:
Split electromagnetic flowmeter has the following characteristics:
HHLD split electromagnetic flowmeter has its advantages of stability. It can output standard current signal (4-20mA) while meeting on-site monitoring and display for recording, adjustment and control; it can be used in chemical industry, environmental protection, textile, metallurgy, Liquid flow measurement of conductive medium in the process pipelines of mining, medicine, papermaking, water supply, food, sugar, brewing and other industries; in addition to measuring general conductive liquids, according to the special needs of users, it can also measure conductive liquid-solid two-phase flow, high Flow rate of viscous liquids and liquids such as salts, strong acids, and alkalis. It is used in chemical fiber, food, paper, sugar, mining and metallurgy, water supply and drainage,
1. Suitable for liquid flow detection with conductivity greater than 5μs/cm. Changes in conductivity do not affect changes in performance
2. The electromagnetic flowmeter has long-term high measurement accuracy, and is actually not affected by the physical characteristics of the fluid
3. Easy to put into operation, the flowmeter is automatically set according to the range of 0~10m/s, no need to change the measurement range
4. The parts in contact with the measured medium have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and a wide range of applications
5. There are no moving parts in the pipeline, no choking parts
6. ​​The measurement result has nothing to do with the flow rate distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and other physical parameters
7. the range can be modified online according to the actual needs of the user at the scene
8. High-definition backlit LCD display, Chinese menu operation, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to learn and understand
9. Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range up to 150:1
10. There are three internal totalizers that can respectively display the forward cumulative reverse cumulative amount and the difference cumulative amount. There is a non-power-off clock inside, which can record the power-off time
11. there are 4-20mA, RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus communication signal output
12. with self-check and self-judgment function
13. The electromagnetic flowmeter is easy to use. After installation, it only needs to be connected to the power supply without any other operations. The standard signal can be output by connecting the signal line, which is convenient for non-professionals to use. No mechanical moving parts, regular maintenance
technical parameter
1. Ambient temperature: -10—+50℃
2. accuracy grade: pipeline type: 0.5 grade, 1.0 grade
3. the temperature of the measured medium:
Ordinary rubber lining: -20—+60℃;
High temperature rubber lining: -20—+180℃
PTFE lining: -30—+120℃;
F46 lining: -30—+200℃
4. Rated working pressure:
DN10—DN65: 2.5MPa DN80—DN150: 1.6MPa
DN200—DN1200: 1.0MPa DN700—DN3000: 0.6MPa
5. Output signal and load resistance: 4-20mADC, 0-500Ω
6. ​​Electrode material: stainless steel containing molybdenum, titanium (Ti), tantalum (Ta) Hastelloy (HB), etc.
7. protection level: diving type: IP68, others: IP65
8. Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC, 3.6V lithium battery
9. Length of straight pipe section: pipeline type: upstream≥5DN, downstream≥2DN
10. Connection method: The electromagnetic flowmeter adopts a pipeline installation method, and flange connection is adopted between it and the piping.
The flange connection size should meet the requirements of GB9119-88.
Split electromagnetic flowmeter
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